2007 Anchor Steam Christmas Ale

This year, Anchor Steam is celebrating 33 years of brewing their Christmas Ale. Truthfully, I have never been a real fan of this beer in past years.

anchor_steam_christmas_2007.jpgMaybe my taste buds have changed or maybe Anchor Brewing got the recipe perfected this year. Either way, I see myself buying a few more six packs of this stuff ASAP!

I just had the chance to sample this brew after picking up a few new released and a favorite Belgian of mine that I will be talking about shortly. Usually, I like to write these entries while I am actually sampling the beer. This gives me the best idea of how to describe the beers taste, flavor, drink ability etc. I guess it is a good sign that there is nothing left in my mug as I type this. However, that won’t keep me from sharing a few notes.

I have have been looking for a very nice stout to drink for some time now. The 2007 Anchor Steam pours just like a stout with a creamy head that lasted for as long the fluid was in my glass. It is very dark in color and slightly reddish when held to the light. The balance of hops and spices is perfect. The hops are definitely noticeable which is a very important characteristic for me as a hop head.

The folk’s over at Anchor Brewing have put together a very nice web page for their Christmas Ale beers here.

Happy 33 years of brewing, Anchor! I will certainly be picking up a few more of these to enjoy throughout the Holiday Season.


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