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Halloween means pumpkin beer!

OK, so I am a bit late to talk about pumpkin beers as Halloween is just around the corner (tomorrow). Well there is a good reason for that. I didn’t find myself having the hankering to try any of this years offerings until just a few days ago. Being that we are only a few […]

New Zealand brewery laptop stolen

The Croucher Brewing Company is offering a life time of FREE BEER in exchange for information regarding the theft of a company laptop. More here via the BBC.

There’s a new Sierra in town

Sierra Nevada beer that it! Just recently arriving into the Tampa Bay market, we are blessed with two new Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. beers. Regular old Sierra Nevada Pale Ale is a great fall back ale which is readily available all over the country. It tops my list as favorite beers of all time. However, […]

Land Shark Lager

One of the largest drivers of traffic to my blog, are people looking for the percentage of alcohol in Land Shark Lager. Personally, I have not tried this particular product but I have decided to do some research for you all. Land Shark beer should best be described as a Pale Lager. Typically, the alcohol […]

Budweiser & Clamato

I was strolling through our local grocery store yesterday when this caught my eye: Budweiser Chelada – the brilliant new marketing idea from the folks over at Anheuser-Busch. That’s right . . . Budweiser beer, tomato juice and clam juice all mixed together in one little can. Need to comment more? The thought of doing […]

The Today Show beer segment

I briefly caught an Oktoberfest segment this morning on the Today Show where they were tasting “the best beers” – all different styles. The only review I caught was the Best Belgian beer which they claimed to the Saison Dupont. I’m looking for the entire video which I will post if I find it.

Creating Loafing International Beer Fest

The 3rd Annual Creating Loafing International Beer fest is scheduled for October 20, 2007 Ybor City, Tampa. Centennial Park is where the event is gong to be held. I have personally never heard any of the bands who will be performing, but the line up of beers looks excellent! Tickets are $20 in advance and […]

Bell’s Brews 8000 Batches

Every so often, Bell’s Brewery in Kalamazoo Michigan releases a special beer to mark their “thousandth” batch of beer that they have brewed. The latest in this series is Bell’s Batch 8,000 Ale! Since I love everything that comes out of this brewery, I decided to pick up a few of these at World of […]

Give the man a beer!

An Australian man in the Fitzroy Valley area, tried to commit suicide by hanging himself after being refused a can of beer. My goal here isn’t to poke fun of this story, but rather bring it to light. Alcohol is a very powerful drug and it sounds like they are having quite a problem with […]