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Rally’s beer and wine selection

I was on my way to class this evening and stopped into a Really station/store to fill up and grab a drink. I noticed they increased their beer and wine selection. Everything looks pretty good. What caught my eye were six packs of Dogfish Head 60 minute IPA for under $8.00! In all honesty, I […]

2007 Anchor Steam Christmas Ale

This year, Anchor Steam is celebrating 33 years of brewing their Christmas Ale. Truthfully, I have never been a real fan of this beer in past years. Maybe my taste buds have changed or maybe Anchor Brewing got the recipe perfected this year. Either way, I see myself buying a few more six packs of […]

Safety Harbor Wine Festival

Yes, the title is correct! My wife and I found ourselves with nothing to do this past weekend and it was suggested that we join some friends at the 6th annual Safety Harbor Wine Festival. Wine Festival turned beer festival for me. There were the typical beer trucks with what one would expect (Bud, Bud […]

Bad news for beer drinkers in South Africa

I just read a report via IOL that the beer drinkers need to brace themselves for a possible shortage this season. Ouch! Read more here. In the meantime, out local beer stores have just received their shipments of the much awaited and anticipated Sierra Nevada Celebration Ale. So, stock up while you can and I […]

Walk the Line on Barleywine 2007

The Dunedin Brewers Guild of Florida will be holding their 6th annual “Walk the Line on Barleywine” December 1st through the 2nd. This is a BJCP officially sanctioned homebrew competition that will focus on strong beers and “Imperial styles”. The following will be judged: Imperial Lager Imperial Pale, Brown and IPA Imperial Porter and Stout […]

Winter beers are here!

I was so excited that I had to post this. In fact, I think that I will use this post to keep a running list of what is appearing in stores as well as what I have sampled. Most will be American microbrews but on occasion, I may pick up an English Ale or two. […]

Hankering for lighter beers

Every so often, I will get the taste for a light beer – particularly so during these warm summer months. It gets to be pretty hot in Florida during the summer. Weather you are working hard in the yard, around the house or out at a football game, don’t be embarrassed sporting a cooler full […]