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Got Beer? White Sox fans are looking

My wife snapped this picture the other day of a Chicago White Sox fans with a jersey on that reads “GOT BEER?”. Funny. And just a quick side note: I am a Rays fan (previously known as the Devil Rays) and she, is a die-hard White Sox fan. Adam

Quiet lately

My apologies for the lack of blogging. I’ve been quite busy with my day job and traveling a bit. Try to write a few blurbs soon. Adam

Victory Storm King Stout

This is really a follow up to my previous post about my trip to Charleston. I forgot to mention that when we went to the Piggly Wiggly, I noticed that they carried Victory Brewing Co. beers. I was excited because I still have not had their HopDevil IPA (Victory does not distribute to my area). […]

Charleston beer happenings

A few weeks ago, my family made the trip up to Charleston, SC to see my newly born nephew! Yes, I am officially an uncle now. While most of the time was spent visiting family, this didn’t mean that we were not going to be drinking some good beer in the process. One of the […]