Bell’s Brews 8000 Batches

Every so often, Bell’s Brewery in Kalamazoo Michigan releases a special beer to mark their “thousandth” batch of beer that they have brewed.

The latest in this series is Bell’s Batch 8,000 Ale! Since I love everything that comes out of this brewery, I decided to pick up a few of these at World of Beer in Clearwater FL on my way home from work.

Poured into a 12oz pint glass . . . At first, this beer screams Barley Wine style ale and is a bit sour. This could be in part due to the 9% alcohol content or the wheat. But after awhile, the 8000 settles down and the ingredients that it is brewed with really start to blend together to form a well balanced brew. The honey is more noticeable and the coriander comes through to deliver a citrus quality.

With that said, I am really not a fan of this style beer. I like hops – and lots of it. But I really cannot say anything bad about this particular beer.

Once again, another quality brew from the folks in Kalamazoo!


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