Bringing sushi to a new Hite

We stopped into one of our favorite Sushi restaurants this evening before heading to the store to stock up on supplied for tomorrow’s Buccaneers game. The owners of the restaurant are Korean and the menu consists of mostly Korean dishes, a few Japanese dishes and excellent Sushi.

To drink, to decided to try a Korean Hite Beer. It was actually really good! The style is similar to most oriental beers (Sapporo, Kirin, TsingTao, Singha, Tiger, etc) that we are served here in the United States. Alcohol content is a bit low at 4.5 percent. This Hite Beer was clean, light and refreshing. A perfect compliment to the spicy spicy Sushi that Sushi Zen serves.

A few interesting notes . . . Hite beer is the first beer to have a temperature gauge on the side which lets you know if the beer is at the optimal drinking temperature. Also, Hite CO also owns two other very well know brands: Foster’s and Kirin.

More information about Hite and their other brands here.

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