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Bohza Beer Grows Womens’ breasts?

Need I say more? Bohza beer was originally developed as a health drink to help new mothers who have trouble breast feeding, the Austrian Times reports. It was unclear how the beer, fermented with wheat flour and yeast, helped the women breast feed. Read more here.

New Icehouse beer spokesperson Jenn Brown

Meet the new Icehouse beer spokeswoman, Jenn Brown. More info and slideshow over at Bleacher Report.

Tampa Bay brewing success!

A nice article in the Saint Petersburg Times yesterday about local breweries and the success that they are having. You can read it online here. Cigar City Brewery (Tampa’s first and only microbrewery) is really the main focus of the article. Check out this video about them: I picked up a container of beer from CCB […]

Saint Pete – New Tap House coming soon . . .

Driving though DTSP (downtown Saint Pete) today, I noticed a new restaurant getting ready to open: 400 Beach Seafood & Taphouse. 400 Beach Drive NE St. Petersburg, FL 727-896-2400 Their menu boasts 24 beers on tap and of course, many in bottle. It’s a great concept if they are able to pull it off (great […]

Discovery Channel – How Stuff Works – Beer!

While reading my news feed today, I was alerted to an upcoming episode of How Stuff Works on the Discovery Channel. Of course, this episode will be about beer making! Via the Beer Examiner: The one hour beer episode will run on “How Stuff Works.”  Flavor, diversity, history, culture, hops, malt, water, yeast, big brew, […]

Lagunitas Maximus – Now available in 12oz bottles!

Not that this is really news . . . But some people might not know. One minor difference to note is that there is a difference in the alcohol percentage when compared to what one would get in the 22 ounce bomber. The fine folks at Lagunitas have stepped it up a bit to 8.4% […]

Sam Adams beer recall

I just hate to see news like this especially after such a nice gesture by Samuel Adams. Sometimes Karma just doesn’t work in your favor. Via . . . The Boston brewer of Samuel Adams craft beers said it is recalling an undetermined amount of beer because of defective bottles that may contain glass […]

Samuel Adams – Sharing is nice!

During this critical time of a world wide shortage of hops (partly due to the fact that farmers are growing corn for ethanol production instead of hops), it is nice to see such a wonderful gesture by the nations largest craft brewer Boston Beer Co. AKA Sam Adams. Via A shortage of a key […]

Boulder Beer Newsletter

Always interesting reading, the latest newsletter from Boulder Beer is available online now. Read it HERE.

Beerfest 2008 – Tampa

The Florida Brewer’s Guild it getting ready for Beerfest 2008! Once again, this event will be held in historic Ybor City, Tampa and will feature over 100 Florida craft beers! Due to scheduling conflicts, it has been a few years since I have actually been able to make it to this event but this year […]

Brewery sues former employee

Via . . . Brewmandu Brewery in Ohio is suing a former employee. They claim that he stole their formula for healthy beer. Brewmandu Brewery alleges that Brian Lottig jacked the idea of selling a beer that’s good for you — and took it to establish his own “The Lion Brewery.” According to documents, […]

Two Hearted Ale mini keg party!

Very exciting. My wife stopped by whole foods in Tampa tonight to pick up some snacks and beer. To her surprise, she found a mini keg of Bell’s Two Hearted Ale! Price paid: $25.00 (which equals out to about $2.36 per pint). This brew ranks among my favorite IPA’s which I have mentioned before. This […]

Another beer heist

It wasn’t too long ago that thieves made off with over 100,000 bottles of Moosehead beer. Now, another large heist has occurred again in Ireland. The famed Oktoberfest in Europe is long over but beer continues to be in very high demand in Ireland – so much so that thieves stole on Wednesday 450 full […]

Give the man a beer!

An Australian man in the Fitzroy Valley area, tried to commit suicide by hanging himself after being refused a can of beer. My goal here isn’t to poke fun of this story, but rather bring it to light. Alcohol is a very powerful drug and it sounds like they are having quite a problem with […]

Colorado: Beer Capital USA

I read an interesting article today in the Gazette. According to the Beer Institute, Colorado has attained the number one position in beer producing states by churning out a whopping 23.3 million barrels last year. The study finds that the average drinking-age person consumes roughly 32.7 gallons of beer per year. With all of the […]

Pinellas County beer bottle killer found guilty

Right in my own backyard. Cortez Davis, a Largo Florida resident, has been found guilty for killing a man with a beer bottle during a drunken rampage. The sentencing is scheduled for October 29. More here via

A major Moosehead beer heist

The Canadian Press is reporting that more than 100,000 (yes one hundred thousand) cans and bottles of Moosehead Lager have been stolen from a trucking facility. Well this is terrible for the beer economy but my question is: what are these people going to do with 100,000 bottles of beer? A lot of counting? More […]

Renowned beer critic Michael Jackson dies

Michael Jackson, a famous beer critic with a passion for Belgium beers, has died at the age of 65. More information here via Yahoo!