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Upcoming Beer Event #2: 7venth Sun Brewery – First pour!

I have been meaning to get information about this event up on the blog for a little while now but simply have not been able to find the time! Hopefully someone reads this and makes it out to the official first pout of 7venth Sun Brewery beer – a new brewery that has recently opened […]

St. Petersburg Brewing Company

A new brewery is opening in Saint Petersburg, Florida. The St. Petersburg Brewing Company! They will be tapping their first key at The Ale and the Witch on Saturday, April the 7th. St. Petersburg Brewing bills themselves as the following: Born of a desire to provide beer enthusiasts a beer choice that exemplifies the essence […]

New Sarasota brewery

Hi All, A new brewery has opened up in Sarasota Florida: the Mad Crow Brewery & Grill. I don’t have much information yet, but I certainly look forward to paying them a visit the next time I am down in that area. Welcome and best of luck to the folks at Mad Crow!! 1525 4th […]

Cigar City Brewing

Just a quick note to let ya’ll know that I have added Tampa’s newest (and only) microbrewery to my beer guide. (I also have a lot of work and catching up to do for my guide, but that is somewhat besides the point.) I know, I know it has been a long time coming. Anyhow, […]