Charleston beer happenings

A few weeks ago, my family made the trip up to Charleston, SC to see my newly born nephew! Yes, I am officially an uncle now. While most of the time was spent visiting family, this didn’t mean that we were not going to be drinking some good beer in the process.

One of the first things we do when we get into town is to hit-up the local supermarkets to see what wonderful offerings they have. Harris Teeter usually has a nice selection of beer so we headed over there. We ended up grabbing two different six packs of IPA the first being Magic Hat Brewing Company Hi.P.A. Not a bad American IPA but nothing out of the world special. Certainly drinkable. The other sixer we picked up was the Mad Hatter IPA from the New Holland Brewing Company. I think I would choose this beer as my favorite of the two as it had a nicer hop bouquet to it probably from the dry hopping process. For some reason, we passed on Lakefront Brewery IPA which has an excellent rating on BeerAdvocate. Ohh well, there is always next time.

With our time mostly devoted to spending time with family, there wasn’t much time to visit any local breweries or brew pubs in the area (not that there are many). We did, however, get the chance to head downtown Saturday night to grab a bite to eat and drink some pints at Charleston Beer Works. I found what I was looking for! COAST brewing Co. beer on tap! Their HopArt IPA was great. A nicely balanced hoppy brew that was oh so easy to drink. It tasted extra fresh too.

Walking a fine line of sweet malt and assertive hop character. A hop presence so enticing it truly is a work of art. (7.7% abv). Brewed year-round.

Also on tap from COAST was their 32/50 Kolsch and I believe their Red Legs Scotch Ale.

After leaving CBW, we headed down King St. a few blocks and wandered into the old standby Mellow Mushroom who always has a ton of beers on tap and in the bottle. To my surprise, there was such a thing as a Double Dead Guy Ale from Rogue. As it turns out, this is a new offering from Rogue so we had to try a few pints. My impressions: The taste is very much similar to the Dead Guy Ale only the beer is much stronger (of course). Not bad and I have to admit that Dead Guy isn’t one of my most favorite beers and I didn’t really get much out of this brew either (other than a buzz). You can read some reviews over at Beer Advocate here.

And I almost forgot. My brother in-law and I had made a trip to the Piggly Wiggly AKA “The Pig” to pick up some things needed for a party. To my surprise, they had a very large imported and microbrew selection. They even sold 64 ounce growlers right in the store. This, of course, is something that you will not see here in Florida. Go figure, the liqueur store right next door must close early on Sundays (something like 3:00) but they are allowed to remain open late here in Florida but cannot open before 11:00 a.m. The reasonings behind it boggle my mind.



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