Cigar City Hunapu release party

The Cigar City Hunapu release party is scheduled for tomorrow. “Hunapu” is Cigar City’s Imperial Stout. Being one of my favorite types of beer, I am really looking forward to trying this one.

Check out this post for ALL of the info but here is the lo-down:

Hunahpus will be sold in 25.4 ounce bottles (750ml).
There is a strict limit of 6 bottles per person during the first go around.
The beer will cost $20 per bottle which includes all taxes.
The beer will go on sale promptly at 7PM
The beer will be sold by sequential ticket number. meaning when your number is called (via the PA system) you should make your way to the bottle booth as expeditiously as possible.

Tickets for Hunahpus are attainable at the brewery starting at 11 AM on March 12th and will be handed out until 7PM or they are all gone, whichever comes first. Once you have your ticket you do not have to stay at the brewery. You may leave and come back at 7PM. We want to eliminate standing in line as much as possible.

Unfortunately, I’m not sure I can make it to the release (I have to work until 6 and the drive from Clearwater is a bit hectic). Plus, $20.00 is a little steep (for me) for a  750ml bottle. I do, however, look forward to sampling this brew in the near future.


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