Creating Loafing International Beer Fest

The 3rd Annual Creating Loafing International Beer fest is scheduled for October 20, 2007 Ybor City, Tampa. Centennial Park is where the event is gong to be held. I have personally never heard any of the bands who will be performing, but the line up of beers looks excellent!

Tickets are $20 in advance and $25 the day of – CASH ONLY.


Check out the official website for more information. Hope to see you there!


2 Responses to “Creating Loafing International Beer Fest”

  1. Hey Adam — finally got a chance to check our your place. I replied to your comment on my blog but I figured it might more easily get back to you here, so here’s a copy:

    “Hi Adam! Thanks for stopping by. Finally had a chance to check out your site. Great blog you’ve got going there!

    I was a bit surprised by your Chipotle Ale review, though. The one time I had it, I thought the chipotle completely overpowered the beer. Maybe we had batches from wildly different ends of the chipotle spectrum, who knows. The hotness just didn’t go well with my palette.”

  2. It is quite possible we got two different batches. I am also a “hot head nut”. <--- I just made that up. I love hot foods. Hot sauce goes on almost everything. So, it is more likely that my palate is a bit different.

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