From Missouri – We come in peace (with Shock Top beer)

I saw this pretty cool Shock Top display this morning at a local Publix store:

Let’s zoom in a little closer on the tap custom built into the rear of the Volkswagen Beetle:

I wonder if beer really flows out of the back of that thing . . .


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  1. i work for an AB whoelsaler in philly, we had the shock top mobile in philly during the phillies run to the world series this past season and beer definitly flows from that. theres a draught box in the “trunk” but due to PALCB laws it was NOT allowed to be hooked up, but it is a real draught unit.

  2. I saw that car (or one like it) drive by on my way home from work today! Pictures don’t do it justice; it’s pretty sweet.

    Anyway, I looked up the car when I got home and found a picture of it parked at an event with a trail of Shock Top running away from the car where it had been spilled. I’d show you but I’m too lazy to look it up again. 😛

  3. @ Peter

    The car is pretty sweet, you’re right. My crappy old iPhone camera doesn’t do it much justice either.

    Let me know if you can find the picture of the beetle driving away with beer pouring out of it 🙂

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