Hankering for lighter beers

Every so often, I will get the taste for a light beer – particularly so during these warm summer months. It gets to be pretty hot in Florida during the summer. Weather you are working hard in the yard, around the house or out at a football game, don’t be embarrassed sporting a cooler full of “lighter” beer.

Living in the Tampa Bay area, we have a very interesting mix of ethnic groups including a large Hispanic population anchored by our deep Cuban roots. I have grown up eating and loving Spanish, Cuban, Puerto Rican and Caribbean food. I also enjoy their beer offering most of which are going to be light/pale lagers or pilsners (think Hatuey, Corona, Presidente, Red Stripe and Kalik). Most of these beers have been brewed to be light and refreshing due to fact that it is just pure hot where they come from! Often times lighter means less calories which equates to what most people know as a “light beer”.

This evening, my wife and I enjoyed some Presidente light with our spicy jerk chicken for dinner. Yes, I drank a light beer and it was good. There I said it. Thats right I am enjoyed a light beer and didn’t feel as guilty as I normally would when drinking a much heavier IPA or the like.

So, what light beers are you guys out there enjoying? Don’t be afraid, drop us a line.

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