Land Shark Lager

One of the largest drivers of traffic to my blog, are people looking for the percentage of alcohol in Land Shark Lager. Personally, I have not tried this particular product but I have decided to do some research for you all.

Land Shark beer should best be described as a Pale Lager. Typically, the alcohol content is going to range anywhere from 4-5%. Rate beer lists two different variants: 4.0% and 4.7% – most likely depending on where it was brewed. Anheuser-Busch does not list the alcohol percentage on their website and a little Google dorking doesn’t reveal anything either.

To continue my quest, I picked up a single bottle of “the Shark” this evening. Sorry, no listing on the bottle either. However, there is a 1-800 number to call for questions or comments. Who knows . . . Maybe I will sit back tonight, pop the top, and give the number a call.


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  1. i love landshark

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