Pizza Beer?

OK we have all heard the expression “don’t knock it ’till you try it”, but beer brewed with ingredients such as tomatoes, garlic, oregano and basil just doesn’t sound that great to me. I also understand that there is a market for everything and sometimes people are just looking for something different. You have to be the ultimate beer geek to give this one a try.

Now I must admit: If it shows up at a store around me, I will try it. There I said it. I will drink the pizza beer. Well, maybe just part of it and I guarantee that it will only be that one time.

More here via the Chicago Tribune.

3 Responses to “Pizza Beer?”

  1. You will be surprised. Our website is chock full of media personalities who kinda thought the same. Mancow loved the beer as seen on Fox & Friends live broadcast. If you like beer and Italian food, this will make you happy. Although this might not be the 1st beer on ones list after mowing the lawn, It will be a hit at dinnertime whilst dining on a variety of foods especially… Pizza. Just paired some up for Chicago Radio’s WIND this morning. We had Rosati’s Pizza with our Pizza Beer. Blue Moon put Oranges in beer, who’d have thunk that that would taste good? Thanks for the post!

  2. I like beer and I like Italian food, for sure. OK, now I really want to try the pizza beer! And maybe I will change my mind about only trying it once, but I have to taste it first.

  3. Ok. I am in the Chicagoland area right now and located some Pizza beer at Binny’s.

    I will probably take it home to sample.

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