Sam Adams beer recall

I just hate to see news like this especially after such a nice gesture by Samuel Adams. Sometimes Karma just doesn’t work in your favor.

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The Boston brewer of Samuel Adams craft beers said it is recalling an undetermined amount of beer because of defective bottles that may contain glass particles.

The company said the defective bottles came from a glass company that provides Boston Beer with about a quarter of its glass bottles. The “small grains or bits of glass” were discovered during a quality control operation at the firm’s Cincinnati brewery, Boston Beer said in a statement. The problem was confirmed Friday, and was traced to bottles coming from a single manufacturing plant.

The company said it has not received complaints or reports of injury. A spokeswoman, Michelle Sullivan, estimated that the particles of glass are found in fewer than 1 percent of the bottles coming from the problem plant. Only Samuel Adams beers in 12-ounce brown glass bottles are involved in the recall. Potentially dangerous bottles are embossed around the bottom with the code N35 followed by OI.

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Hopefully the amount of beer to be recalled is small and money grubbing lawyers aren’t already hearing the sounds of cash registers.

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