Spanish Peaks Black Dog Ale Winter Cheer

During National Adopt a Dog Month, the Spanish Peaks Brewing Company encourages you to support your local humane society. I encourage you to do the same but I also think it would be a good idea to try he Spanish Peaks Black Dog’s Winter Cheer.

I really enjoyed this beer but unfortunately, I have not been able to find anymore of it. Perhaps I am not looking hard enough? I really want to though. In fact, out of all the Winter beers I have tried this year, this one ranks as one of my favorites.  Perhaps it is the higher alcohol content and noticeable hoppiness which plays perfectly with my palate. Quite an interesting brew: it is refreshing, warming, well balanced and complexed not to mention easy to drink.

I hope to find more soon.


2 Responses to “Spanish Peaks Black Dog Ale Winter Cheer”

  1. Black Dog Winter Cheer Ale- Available at Bigtop Liquor in Eagan, $2.99 for a 6- Heck of a deal!

  2. I did wind-up locating some at a Total Wine.

    $2.99 is a crazy price.

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