Victory Wild Devil Ale

Recently, the Tampa market has picked up the Victory Beer collection, which is great to see.

On shelves I have seen:

  • Hop Devil
  • Prima Pils
  • Golden Monkey
  • Hop Wallop
  • Victory Lager
  • The V-Twelve
  • Helios Ale
  • Wild Devi

Victory has a huge following are are pretty highly regarded for brewing great beer (according to many reviews online).However, tonight I picked up a 750 ml bottle of the Wild Devil. WD is a Belgian IPA brewed with “laboratory grown” Brettanomyces yeast. In the brewing business, Brettanomyces is generally viewed as a contaminant due to the funky “off flavor” it imparts into beer. However, some brewers use it successfully (some would argue this) to brew beer with.

Sorry Victory, but Wild Devil tastes and smells like rotten cheese with a hint of 5 day old diaper genie pail.


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