Winter beers are here!

I was so excited that I had to post this. In fact, I think that I will use this post to keep a running list of what is appearing in stores as well as what I have sampled. Most will be American microbrews but on occasion, I may pick up an English Ale or two. So without further ado and in no particular order . . . Here we go!

  1. Clipper City Brewery Winter Storm “Category 5” Ale.
  2. Winter’s Bourbon Cask Ale (Anheuser-Busch)
  3. Avery Old Jubilation Ale
  4. Samuel Adams Winter Lager
  5. Full Moon Winter Ale (Blue Moon Brewing)
  6. Redhook’s Winterhook
  7. Lump of Coal Dark Holiday Stout
  8. Sierra Nevada 2007 Celebration Ale
  9. Great Divide Hibernation Ale
  10. Anchor Steam 2007 Christmas Ale
  11. Never Summer Ale – Boulder Brewing Company
  12. Stoudt’s winter ale
  13. Brooklyn Brewery Black Chocolate Stout
  14. Spanish Peaks Winter Cheer

That’s all for now folks. I’ll report back in a few with new ones that are appearing daily as well as post some reviews on the winter beers that I have tried.


Side note: I am really looking forward to trying the Sierra Nevada Celebration Ale this year!

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